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Co-Working Spaces Hub8 by Plexal

In 2023, we were thrilled to announce that the London cyber and technology co-working space, Plexal, had acquired a majority shareholding stake in Hub8. This strategic acquisition marked a significant milestone for us and underscored our commitment to continued growth, innovation, and the provision of quality experiences for our valued members in Cheltenham.

Delivered in partnership with CyNam.


has been our partner since our inception. Formed in 2017 as a community interest company, CyNam is a convening platform focused on the development and growth of the regional cyber tech ecosystem. Acting as a voice for an active community of over 3,000 individuals and nearly 200 organisations, CyNam has delivered a regular programme of engagement events covering key topics such as HealthTech, Skills & Diversity and Cyber Crime.


Hub8 network of innovation & co-working spaces.

Hub8 network of innovation & co-working spaces.

By 2024 we will operate a network of facilities in and around Cheltenham that will provide circa 40,000sqft of innovation space to support the burgeoning cyber tech sector as part of a rich, vibrant, inclusive and sustainable ecosystem.

Our members are free to use all of the Hub8 co-working spaces without friction – if you’re a member of one, you’re a member of them all.


We opened our first facility, Hub8 Brewery Quarter, in 2019. Delivered in partnership with CyNam and located in Cheltenham’s town centre, it offers more than 100 workspaces in 7,000ft2 of innovation space dedicated to supporting and developing government, industry and academic expertise within the regional cyber tech community and Cheltenham. Find out more Find out more
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Our second facility, Hub8 Gloucestershire College, opened in September 2021. Located at the College’s Cheltenham Campus, adjacent to GCHQ, it will provide over 10,000ft2 of innovation and co-working spaces in Cheltenham. Find out more Find out more
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  • image of Hub8 GC co-working space
  • image of Hub8 GC co-working space
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Minster Exchange

Hub8 Minster Exchange scheduled to open in 2024, will be our third site, established through a joint venture with Cheltenham Borough Council. Strategically located in the town center, this innovative space will provide over 20,000 ft2 of dedicated innovation space, creating an environment that encourages collaboration and growth within the community. We are truly excited about this significant partnership and the abundant opportunities it brings to support local entrepreneurs and businesses. By fostering creativity and driving economic development in the region, Hub8 Minster Exchange aims to become a catalyst for positive change. At the heart of this joint venture lies a shared vision of empowering forward-thinking individuals and cultivating a culture of innovation. With an array of modern amenities and cutting-edge technology infrastructure, the space will offer flexible workspaces, fully-equipped meeting rooms, and inspiring communal areas, facilitating meaningful interactions and idea exchange. Hub8 Minster Exchange will not only be a place for work but also a hub for knowledge-sharing and collaboration. Through cross-industry connections, it will further elevate Cheltenham's reputation as a thriving center for business and entrepreneurship. Find out more Find out more
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Work from our Partner Workspaces

Work from our

Since the year 2020, a fruitful and mutually beneficial reciprocal access partnership has been solidified between Hub8 and Plexal, fostering a seamless working relationship. This unique collaboration empowers Hub8 members to leverage the remarkable facilities at Plexal, enriching their work experience and opening new avenues for professional growth. At Plexal's state-of-the-art co-working space, Hub8 members can relish a dynamic and collaborative setting, interacting with a diverse community of like-minded individuals and professionals from various industries. This convergence of talents and ideas propels a culture of continuous learning and networking, enriching the overall work experience for all parties involved.

Features + benefits

  • Ultra-fast broadband

    Dedicated 1GB primary with a 1GB secondary internet with wireless and wired options.

  • Available memberships

    A mix of membership options available to suit you and your company's needs.

  • Teas, coffee and water

    Free throughout the day, with a range of teas and fruit water keeping you refreshed.

  • Printing

    Free and secure printing and scanning

  • Open to guests

    We understand the importance of client relationships. Hub8 is the perfect environment to bring clients and guests. There’s no limit to the number, we just ask that guests are pre-registered with our team

How can Hub8 and CyNam benefit you

  • Exposure to customer organisations that require cyber tech service, solutions and expertise

  • Access to expert insight, advice, knowledge and mentors

  • Access to the cyber tech community for insight, networking and collaboration

  • Access to business support solutions such as legal, finance, marketing and recruitment

  • Investment and funding advice and sign-posting for businesses at various stages of growth


Hub8 curates a bespoke programme of events for the cyber tech community.

From hackathons to keynotes with industry leading speakers and experts, we curate events that are tailored to your needs.

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